The law firm of Krześniak, Budzyński & Stec attorneys and legal advisors (Krześniak Budzyński Stec Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych Sp. k.) was established based on the professional experience of attorney Tomasz Krześniak, attorney Piotr Budzyński, legal counsel Paweł Stec, and the cooperating team. Our team has experience in providing legal services for both individuals and large businesses.

Our law firm specialises in providing advice within the scope of commercial law, public procurement law, intellectual property rights, criminal law and tax law. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide services at the highest level in any field of law.

The key aspect in effectively representing the interests of our clients is to take an individual approach to their issues, so we do more than advise. We also try to resolve our clients' legal problems as beneficially as possible, seeking the most favourable solutions, both at the pre-trial stage and in court. This is also where we can use our experience combined with proficiency in negotiation techniques, principles of economics and foreign languages.

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